The First Important Steps to Start Your Business Online

What I'm going to tell you here is my very personal experience and you may take it into consideration when thinking of earning money online.

I think I made the same beginner mistakes as nearly each newbie is experiencing when trying to earn money online. I wasted a lot of time and money by trying to succeed with MLM business without having any knowledge or experience how things work on internet and if I am able to recruit people and convince them, to participate "my business" as partners.

But fortunately I got contact to a network, which has given me a lot of education and knowledge. And I think, the most important lesson was "My Secret Garden".

What is that, you may ask.

Well, I would call it the brainstorming section. I think it is the most important and at the same time the hardest task you have to fullfil before thinking of doing any business online. This task is not done in a day, it can last over weeks or even months til you find your focus, your goal. Your are changing it all over again and again depending on the knowledge and experience you gain.

First you should know: Do you want to still work for others and promote other peoples business and name – as you do when joining a MLM-business – or would you prefer to work for your own company and promote your own name.

If you would like to do your own business then

sit down and think about your skills and knowledge.

– What have you learned?

– What are your hobbies?

– What skills and knowledge do you have?

– Can you offer something which might be of advantage for others?

– Would others pay for your skills and knowledge?

– What can the Internet offer you as training and education to create an own business?

– What are you able and willing to invest in your business regarding time and money?

– What is your financial goal you want to achieve?

– What do you want to change in your life?

– What is your motivation which will turn you into a bulldog biting into your goal and never leave it til you reached it.

This brainstorming is "Your secret garden". Write it down, place it somewhere in front of you on the wall. Go through it every day and change it, whenever you think it has to be changed. Do this as long as there has not been the big "Gong" in your head telling you "OK, THIS IS IT!" This is exactly what I want to do, what I can do and what will bring me money.

It took me 1.5 years to reach this point after starting "my secret garden". I had a lot of plans, and some of them I will realize in the near future, but none of them cave me this very important "Kick" – WELL, THAT'S IT !!!!

What I'm going to advise you now is against my own interests, because I'm selling digital products myself …

but …

There is a big danger on your way till you are sure about your final focus …

There are several dangers which I would call: too much information, losing focus again and again, being too curious, buying too many reseller products.

Today I would start with affiliate marketing, because I can earn commissions without investing in products myself. And additionally I would join many membership sites for free and invest in those, which give me the most benefit. This way I can start reselling and gain experiences without losing money. It is a very recommendable way to learn everything about selling, marketing, advertising, making mistakes, failing … just everything you should learn and experience to become successful one day.

Passing all these steps I found my own product I'm launching right now hoping that it will become a success and bring me the necessary money to go on with my online business plans.

Now let me tell you about the moment when it made "Klick" or "Gong" in my head

You will notice that you make a lot of contacts on the internet. And if you are lucky, you meet people who will become friends and teachers. And this happened to me. I met a woman who became a close friend and taught me a lot about creating my own webpage using frontpage. All the basics you need to create your own webpage I have learned from her. I found out, that creating websites was relaxing for me. It turned to become a hobby and I really liked to create them. But I only did it for myself and for friends. I never thought about doing it for earning money, till I had a chat with another friend of mine.

How The Idea Was Born

The idea for my webservice concept was born when we were talking about the tools you needed to sell a digital product and at the same time build your list and get your site indexed by the "BIG THREE" – Google, Yahoo and MSN. She was really shocked, how many different templates and graphics are used, till you have your product ready for sale.

Have you ever thought about it? Well, I have watched how the experienced marketers do it, and I got nearly desperate how much time it took to meet above mentioned criteria.

You need

– a domain and hosting,

– an autoresponder and the optin form customized to fit your templates,

– an instruction page about what to do next which will be seen after subscription

– your first autoresponder email to lead your visitor to your bonus- or your salespage

– a series of emails for your autoresponder to stay in contact with your subscriber

– a squeeze-, splash- or landingpage

– a bonuspage

– your salespage

– one or two One-Time-Offer pages

– a download- or thank you page

– a testimonial template to include into your sales or OTO

– a blog to quickly get indexed at Google, Yahoo and MSN and build your authority

and you need all the graphics like:

– company logo in different sizes,

– different headers as pictures or one header as a background picture where you can include the text you need and which can be read by the search engines,

– footer,

– at least 2 different banners

– ecovers or whatever product picture you need

And that is only the raw material without any content.

To get all the content done will take at least as long as to get the templates and grafics done.

I'm sure you can imagine the feelings of someone who wants to sell his products but does not have any idea on how to create a template or graphics or write a sales copy or the relative promotion tools.

You better stay with affiliate marketing where all this is completely provided to you and you do not have to sell anything but just send your prospects to the reseller's page – you are just recommending the product of somebody else. There are Affiliate Marketers who really got rich by just recommending other peoples products, but there are not many.

I think the best chance to earn more then you really need is by producing your own product. But then, the latest, you need all the tools I was mentioning above.

Before you have your own product ready for sale you already should have a list you can use for promotion, find Joint Venture Partners or Affiliates which are a MUST for successful sales campaigns of your products.

Of course there are a lot of templates offered on the market and a lot of graphics you can use and they are affordable but ….

And there comes my idea and concept:

Do you want to promote products only or do you want to promote your own branding, your own name and company?

If you want to get well known as a company then you need a brand name, a company logo, your own colors, an exclusive corporate design which nobody else on the whole internet has.

Since I have tried to build my own business I'm using the same logo, company name and company colors.

I'm convinced if you do a good service and your customers are satisfied, you will be recognized by your design before your visitor even can read your name.

Whenever you are advertising a page of yours, the same design shows up and gets more and more known.

I have looked around the market place and I found many web designers offering exclusive logos, headers or whatever you might need for your company design.

But I did not find one, who offers the complete collection you need to sell your product online and meet all the criteria to build lists, get indexed by the BIG THREE and above all SAVE YOU TIME which you urgently need to prepare the content and care for your existing contacts and customers.

I am sure I have found a niche which will be the basic to finally start e-learning online. Since each order will be executed exclusively for this special customer I will not be able to accept more then 4 orders / month. While preparing the 3 reference collections I experienced how much time it takes to fulfill just one basic ordering of 7 templates, the necessary graphics and 1 customized blog plus installing the autoresponder script and establishing the hosting account.

And there are so many more plans in my head for the future, which should be related to my webservice to create a recurring passive income.

While preparing the promotion of my webservice using my own template collection I made the experience that it really saves time and was much faster done then ever before when I was trying to prepare a product for sale.

Now, since everything has been prepared for offering this web service and I have gathered 100,000,000 of points to advertise and promote my service, why is not it online yet?

Very simple reason: I can not write my own salesletter and am not yet in the position to outsource it.

Well, there was an Optinpage, there was a salesletter, there was everything which belongs to a product promotion, even a big bonuspackage, but …

I was told, that I have written in a way, nobody would understand.

I was told I was using a "germanenglish" which no American would ever be able to understand.

I was told nobody would even sign up to reach the sales because of missing, interesting content on the splashpage.

I was told nothing on my salespage will make the visitor go on reading.

Well, I think all these critiques are true. My English may be good enough to write and tell something in my blog, at forums or social networks. But writing a salescopy which really throws the readers off their chairs and makes them running after me to get my service – this is for sure very difficult using the mother-tongue, but in a foreign language it looks to be nearly impossible.

Why did I tell you this story?

Well, there are 2 reasons:

One is to encourage other people to think about their knowledge and skills and the ability to use them for an own business even if they are close to retirement like myself with 60 years and without any income. But please be aware that this only can be done if you have a very strong will and are convinced that you will succeed, no matter how often you fail and get disappointed. Take each negative experience and turn it to a positive one which gives you the possibility to succeed in learning.

I really have learned a lot in my life, but never that much in such a short time as I did during the last 4 years since I first got in touch with the internet.

The second reason why I wrote my story is the marketing aspect. I have to write an article, which may be of interest to others, to get backlinks to my sites, to get known and to gain authority. And since english is not my mothertongue I only dare to write about something, which comes out of my heart and I'm sure I can express myself in a way, that others will understand it.

And if you liked what I wrote then do me the favor and visit my sites and stay with me on a successful journey.

I wish all of you a very successful way on your further online journey.

Warm regards.

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